Gallery of Bowls
#346 Maple Burl 7.5

#346 Maple burl bowl with bark inclusions

Maple Burl Vase

Maple burl vase

Honey Locust Bowl

Bowl in Honey Locust natural edged with bark

White painted vessel

White painted Box Elder vessel, 10 inches tall

Elm burl bowl

Elm burl bowl with natural edge

Black Locust Natural edge

Black Locust natural edge bowl without bark

Maple Burl Bowl

Bowl in Sugar Maple burl with natural edge

Honey Locust Platter

Honey Locust platter 19 inches diameter

Box Elder & Maple burl

Box Elder burl (left) and Big Leaf Maple double bowl

Sumac bowl

Sumac closed form bowl 9ins diameter

Maple collar bowl

Maple hollow form with collar

Ambrozia Maple bowl

Ambrozia maple bowl

Walnuut natural edge

Black Walnut natural edge bowl

Ambrozia Maple bowl

Ambrozia Maple bowl

Walnut Platter

Turned Black Walnut tray 19 ins diameter

Concalo Alves triple bowl

Concalo Alves triple Bowl

Hard Maple lidded vessel

Hard Maple lidded vessel

854 Maple Burl. 16

"Captive Bowl" series 16 ins diameter

Sugar Maple natural edge

Sugar Maple natural edge

Black Walnut group

Black Walnut natural edge group

Black Walnut

Black Walnut natural edge

Ant eaten Oak series

Vase from Ant Eaten Oak series

Ant eaten Oak series

Ant Eaten Oak series vase

Cherry vase trio

Black Cherry vase trio

Ferous stained black Cherry

Ferous oxide stained Black Cherry

Box Elder bowl

Box Elder closed form bowl

Honey Locust closed form

Honey Locust closed form

Black Cherry natural edge

Black Cherrt natural edge

 Honduras Mahogany 19

Honduras Mahogany tray 19 ins diameter

Jarrah Burl Bowl

Jarrah burl bowl

#1089. honey Locust. 7X4 in.

Honey Locust natural edge bowl

Nest of Rock Elm bowls

Nest of four natural edged Elm bowls

#1090. Elm. scorched rim/foot. 10x7 in.

Elm natural edge bowl with scorched rim and foot

#1084. Box Elder Burl. 9 in dia

Box Elder burl closed form bowl 9 ins dia

#1086. Cherry: ebonized rim/foot.11in dia

Black Cherry hollow form with ebonizedrim and foot

 #1085 Sugar Maple Burl. 12

Sugar Maple burl closed form bowl 12 ins dia

#1088. Walnut rootwood tray. 19

Black Walnut rootwood tray 19 ins dia

Silver Maple closed form

Silver Maple closed form

Box Elder bowls carved and laquered

Box Elder bowls carved and painted